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12 Years Since Joining BGF

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12 Years Since Joining BGF Empty 12 Years Since Joining BGF

Post by CarlyAllHeart261 Fri Feb 12, 2021 2:19 pm

(Okay this is kinda clickbait- it's technically like 2 weeks away from when it's 12 years 12 Years Since Joining BGF Icon_razz )
Checking up on here again and saw that my anniversary on here is coming up. Almost 12 years ago I joined this site. Also means it's getting close to 13 years since I joined Bearville.

Obviously it's been a long time, but it kinda dawned on me how long it's been. I joined this site when I was not even 12 years old. However old I was when I made this account- that same amount of time of my life then- has passed since now. I was in the 5th grade, getting ready to go to junior high. Now I'm finishing my BA in university. Since I've joined this site, I've learned to drive, I got a car, I've moved like 3 times, I've graduated from schools, I've become fluent in new languages, I've fallen in and out of love, I've made countless connections and friendships, and I've lost countless connections and friendships.

I've lived most of my life since joining this site. And in a way, this site lead to a lot of how my life is now. I made my first email address in February 2009 (I actually just got the email saying my Yahoo was 10 years old earlier this week), and this was one of the first sites I joined. From here I made a YouTube and Twitter and Facebook, and connected to my main interests at the time- which was mainly Bearville. The first followers and friends I had on these sites were my Bearville friends I made from this forum (sorry Chuck, I know that technically went against the website's rules at the time 12 Years Since Joining BGF 3494493907 ). I've said before, but some of these people I'm still connected to. Others I've sadly lost over the years, either from me losing accounts or us just falling out of touch and deleting. It s u c k s, because there are so many people I would love to just chat to. Not try to reconnect and becomes like, internet friends or anything. But just chat. Ask the admins about this forum and the behind the scenes stuff that happened. Ask my old friends what happened after they logged off of here. See how their lives have shaped, just like how mine was shaped.

I saw that there is a new forum to try and preserve Bearville, which is great. I kinda get a sad feeling whenever I see people talk about how you can play Club Penguin in it's preserved state, wishing that Bearville got the same love and treatment. I wish I had any knowledge in script, so I could help with preserving the site and log on again. It worries me that someday I'll probably log on here, and the domain will be gone. I don't know if or when that will happen, but it's something I think about a lot.

Anyways, long posts aside, I'm glad this is still here. I'd like to see more people log in someday and chat more. Maybe I'll get that on the new forum, I dunno. As long as this site stays up, I'll still check in from time to time and reminisce.

(btw my Twitter is still @Caite_Alyssa for anyone who wants to talk, even if they can't access their old accounts on here but can read this)

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