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Bearville Halloween 2012 Empty Bearville Halloween 2012

Post by Lexi on Thu Oct 04, 2012 4:52 am

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It's Halloween in Bearville! Costumes are now in the shopping catalogs at Pawlette's Boutique and Bearville Outfitters! Halloween furnitures are for sale at the Bear Stuff Store and Store Fur All Seasons. The Kooky Spooky Mansion is open where you can take quests and play games. Also, log on to Bearville for 5 days during this month to earn a gift!

But what's good about this year though are these new items and features:
Raining Candies - This was previously announced by the CyBearGuides during one of their in-game appearances. Every so often it rains candies and cookies in Bearville. Pay close attention to the spooky cookies that you can pick up. When you consume these cookies, your character will transform into a ghost, a cat on a broomstick or a small colony of bats! How spooky!

Trick or Treat Move - Finish the quest that starts with Bearemy to get the Trick or Treat Move. What makes this move really special and unique is the ability to make your own spooky cookies! The quest is very easy. You will be directed to each of Bearville's main characters. Jokes are pretty funny too!

Pumpkin Coach Ride - This pretty ride is for sale at the Bearville Outfitters for 5 credits!

What do you like most about this year's Halloween? Share it in the comments below.

Don't forget to check Bearville Guide Official Twitter Page @BearvilleGuide for more news and updates!
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