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My Medival Crush (PREVIEW)

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My Medival Crush (PREVIEW) Empty My Medival Crush (PREVIEW)

Post by SkylarRockin Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:22 am

Two strangers have to do a project
on Medival Times, and then perform
a short play on it. But when
Shana meets Jake, she wants to do a
little more than a project. She wants to be his Girlfriend!
After many weeks later, Shana and Jake perform.
But will the ending change everything?
This little thing could mean more to Jake than Shana!
"Alright, Class! Shush! I have important news!"
The class got louder.
Silent. Pure silent.
"Alright then, so class, we are doing a project on Medival Times. I will pick your partners so that way you will get work done other than horse around with friends."

A sadness over flowed the class room with a series of "Awwwwwws".
"Now now class. Settle down.
Okay Jake with.... Shana. And Mandy with Sarah. Uhm.."
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