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Maid of Stone (PREVIEW)

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Maid of Stone (PREVIEW) Empty Maid of Stone (PREVIEW)

Post by AllieKat Thu Oct 27, 2011 3:57 am

Just the other night, my mother and I were watching 20/20 and it was on the Texas Killing Fields. Hearing about all those women and young girls who were abused and murdered in such a horrid way gave me chills. One girl really touched my heart, she was killed the same day she went missing and they had discovered her body, but the police did not even bother trying to identify her until two weeks later. They barely even touched her case when she was reported missing. Yet when shortly after, one of the upper class girls were taken, they jumped into action! So this idea popped into my head, we all know if you've read/seen the Twilight series that Rosalie was killed ruthlessly, so I would think she would at least TRY to save some of these girls. This is just a preview, I am still writing the whole thing; please tell me what you think.


My lungs franticly sucked in the unneeded forest air as I ran. That name. That name on a constant repeat through my mind.


What was she like? Her hopes and dreams? What did she want to do with her fragile, human life. Was she like all female human children, playing with their baby dollies, playing ‘house’ and they were the mommies. Playing dress-up and pretending to be a beautiful princess awaiting her prince? So innocent and pure I imagined her to be. I needed to save her, even if I wasn't saved in-time. Frozen for all eternity, broken, bitter, and so angry. I could hear him behind me but I could not stop my crazed, desperate sprint. I wanted-no, needed to save this one little human child. I now heard someone directly behind me,


Of course, I pushed my legs even harder but I already knew it useless. Crimson, red, hot, rage suddenly flooded my vision, I was losing precious time, she needed me. I had to save her, who else would?

“Leave me alone Edward” I thought angrily towards him. He could hear me and I hoped for his sake he would listen to me. But of course he was going to be stubborn as I heard him pick up speed.

“Rosalie” I heard Edward call, “Stop”

Like I was stopping, I heard him growl agitated, he could hear me.


I know its not much but I don't want to give away TOO much, hope you enjoyed. Maid of Stone (PREVIEW) 465488
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