Tall Tale Tammy.

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Tall Tale Tammy. Empty Tall Tale Tammy.

Post by SkylarRockin on Fri Dec 09, 2011 1:01 pm

Tall Tale Tammy.

There we were, sitting at the Lunch table, waiting for gossip.
We had gossiped everyday for the past 3 days.. so we expected more. Of course,
One of our friends made the stupid choice of letting 'Tall Tale Tammy' sit with us.
Well, her real name was Tammy. She got her nickname because the only stories she has are TALL TALES. Literally, she only told that. She was such a liar, sometimes we couldn't tell when she really WAS telling the thruth. My friend, Sam, gave me a look like 'Omg, Ew. Why is she here?' I replied with a 'Ew, I don't know' look. Tammy took a chunk of pizza off and then talked while chewing.. which got in my eyes. MY BEAUTIFUL EYES! "Do you ladies wanna hear a story?!" She spoke.. which AGAIN she spit in my beautiful eyes. We all screamed "NOOOOOOO!"
But, of course, she didn't listen.

"Okay here it is! Once I was in my house and it was so scary..
Do you know our teacher Miss.WannaBe?" We all giggled at the name. "Okay I guess you do then.. so I was at my house and I was in the bathroom. While I was talking on the phone, she walked in and took my phone! I was so mad! I slapped her and then she dropped it in the toilet! I had to get it out and I had already we-" Every girl at that table screamed. I included a scream and opinion. "EW NO NO NO NO NO. WE DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS."

All of us left the table and ran to the other side of the cafeteria..
we technically kicked everyone out of the table and traded spots with them. Tammy had a BRIGHT (not) idea to grab chocolate and POOR it all over my poor friend, Shana, who was just disgusted about it. "EEEEEW. YOU LITTLE TURD!" She shouted. They were running all over the Lunch room until Officer. MegaWhat had to pull Shana away from Tammy, which was laying on the floor. I hid under the table and Officer. MegaWhat asked "Is this yours?" He was holding Shana up by the neck of her shirt. I claimed her back and gave her a napkin.. She threw it.
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