Easter Drum Quest Walkthrough

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Easter Drum Quest Walkthrough Empty Easter Drum Quest Walkthrough

Post by GwynethLove on Sat Apr 16, 2011 11:59 pm

Easter Drum Quest Walkthrough:

1. go to Town Square and click E.B. by BVO. He will tell you he lost his drums. You have to find all 5 and he would reward you.

Hint from E.B.- search inside buildings!

2. Head to Lumbear Yard, you can find it at the Market Place.
Look by the paint cans on the wall, and you would see E.B's drumsticks!

3. click on the drumsticks, and then head over to Coffee Shop, its located at Furbulous Fashion District. Look in the corner where that bridge that looks like this- ( and click on the small drum.

4. after you click on the small drumsticks, head to Bear Stuff store located at Town Square. click on the drum by the green round seat.

5. Then head to Recycling Center inside, located at Pawstitely Green Center. Click on the cymbal by the office brown door in the corner.

6. Then last but not least, head to the Watch Room at the Lighthouse. Click the drum by the stairs.

7. Then it will tell you you found all of E.B. drums! Would you like to go to Town Square now? click yes.

8. When you get there it will say:

Thanks for finding my drums! Here! You can have one too!

And you would get:

E.B. Drum Set

9. Enjoy!


(note: this IS interactive, click on it and you play drums! )

And if you don't understand, I'll make another list, here:

1. Lumbear Yard

2. Coffee Shop

3. Bear Stuff

4. Recycling Center Inside

5. Watch Room (in Lighthouse)


Gift- E.B. Drum Set

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