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Jungle Ruins Tutorial

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Jungle Ruins Tutorial Empty Jungle Ruins Tutorial

Post by MamaNoodles Sat May 31, 2008 1:03 pm

If you need some extra help completing the Jungle Ruins Quest, look no further!!

The First clue leads you to play the game Dive Beary Deep. You must get all the way to the end and swim over the gem!

Jungle Ruins Tutorial FirstGem

The Second gem is found in Bear-2-Bear Racing. You must play against someone and WIN to get the gem!

Jungle Ruins Tutorial 2ndGem

The Third Gem is in Bobbing Fur Apples and is there right away, you needn't even play the game.

Jungle Ruins Tutorial 3rdGem

The Fourth Gem is in Bear Hugs and is also on screen right away in the game!

Jungle Ruins Tutorial 4thGem

The Last Gem is found by playing Bear-2-Bear Baseball. You don't need to win but you must get a Home Run!

Jungle Ruins Tutorial LastGem

You then go in to the cave that has opened and step on 4 stones to open a door Jungle Ruins Tutorial 143839 The Bear guide will then give you your reward!

Jungle Ruins Tutorial Prize
Director Bear
Director Bear

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