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Ancient Ruins Quest

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Ancient Ruins Quest Empty Ancient Ruins Quest

Post by HamptonBear on Wed Jan 21, 2009 9:39 am

Ancient Ruins Quest

If you need some extra help completing the Ancient Egypt Quest, look no further!!

The First clue leads you to play the game Fast Paw at the Skate Park. You must roll your cursor over the ancient scroll to collect it!

Ancient Ruins Quest 2who9ra

The Second Scroll is found Furbulous Flyer Golf. You must aim your disc on the target to collect the scroll. If you miss the target at the Skate Park, don’t worry! You still go through the regular game and keep trying at each location until you capture your scroll.

Ancient Ruins Quest Fdhwfa

The next scroll is found in the Meadow with the game Friendship Forest Photo Safari. You must take a picture of the scroll to collect it.

Ancient Ruins Quest 27ywron

The next clue leads you to the game in the virtual Build-A-Bear Workshop called Run Fur the Stuffing. The scroll will fall down and you must catch it in your box.

Ancient Ruins Quest Dcbsz4

Ancient Ruins Quest N2h1qx

Next you must slide the tiles around and complete the puzzle.

Ancient Ruins Quest 21zte0

Click on the Leopard to receive your pawsome prize!

Ancient Ruins Quest 11raekl
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