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Post by addictiverachel on Tue Apr 07, 2009 5:15 am

This is an area for all of our members to share their passion for graphics with others. Some of us enjoy making Avatars and Signatures and some of us need a little help and prefer to allow other members to make them for us.

This section is Open for all members. No title will be earned by completing requests. This is strictly an area where you may help each other.
All board rules apply to this area
All members are eligible to fill avatar and signature requests.
Only your original artwork is allowed to be posted. Stealing artwork will not be tolerated.
Always remain kind, courteous and patient while requesting artwork or filling artwork.
No outside links are allowed.
All artwork must remain Kid friendly
No giving of Items/Codes in exchange for artwork. This is a volunteer area and members are not to offer or request any type of Payment.

To request and avatar or signature:
1. Each member may have up to 2 threads open at a time. One for an Avatar and, one for a Signature.
2. Please post your thread in the following format
Title: Your Username and What you are requesting
BABV Username:
Best time to meet to take your picture or post a picture you want used:
Background color:
Font style:
Font color:
Additional background add-ons:

3. Once you have posted your thread please watch for replies. You will need to meet with members who wish to make you a graphic so that they may take a picture of you.
4. As soon as a member posts a graphic you wish to use please “quote” their message and let them know you have chosen their graphic.
5. After choosing a graphic and receiving the code please edit your title to say the following “Graphic complete please lock”

To Fill an avatar or signature request:

1. Read the request and then reply to the thread letting the member know you wish to make them an avatar.
2. Set up a time and date to meet and take a photo of them.
3. Design your avatar and post it in the thread.
4. Please remember that other members will also be making avatars for this person so that the person may choose the one they like best. This is to give them a variety. Please do not be discouraged if your avatar is not chosen Graphics Guru Rules 465488

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