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Post by Danni on Fri Dec 09, 2011 8:53 am

Hey everyone I play Pokemon White Diamond, And More,! And I wanted all of YOUUU To see how you get your first Pokemon. `Love Hugs Peace From The Author (~Getting Your First Pokemon~ 1107968042) Danni~
???: Yes ok, I'm on my way.
???: Proffesor Juniper just hurry up!
Proffeser Juniper: I said i'm on my way.

-Juniper Walks To Aisha's (Me) House-
Mom: Oh Juniper! Your here good, Give me the box.
Juniper: Ok here you go. Aisha is a wise young girl, I'm sure she will pick one wisely.
-Juniper Leaves-
-Aisha's Mom Puts Box In Aisha's Room-
Mom: Aisha ....WAKE UP!
Aisha: Ok Ok I'm awake! Are they here?
Mom: Yup in this box.
Aisha: Ok Call Bianca and Cheren, There 3 of them right?
Mom: Yup and Ok.
- Cheren Walks In-
Where is Bianca?
I Don't know....
- Bianca Scurries in -
Oh My! Am i late again? So-orrrrr-yyy!
Cheren: Biana we know you never pay attention to time but, Today we are getting a POKEMON!
Bianca: I know!! There in the box right? Delivered here? So Aisha gets first pick.
Cheren: Naturally. Go on Aisha PICK! I WANNA SEE THOSE POKEMON!
- Aisha Opens The Box To Find 3 PokeBalls-
- Aisha Chooses Snivy! -
Bianca: Ok my turn! I choose You Oshawatt!
Cheren: Oh why do you get to choose my Pokemon!? Oh Never Mind, I liked Tepig from the start anyway.
Aisha: Guys lets just go to Juniper's Lab.
- Everyone Agree's -
Aisha: Bye Mom!
Mom: -Wiping Tears Of- Bye Honey! See you later maybe in a year!
- Bianca Scurries To Her House-
Cheren: Aisha You might wanna go see if bianca needs help with her complicated dad.
- Aisha Walks To Bianca's House -
Bianca's Dad: No! No! A Thousand Times No!
Bianca: But dad!! Everyone is gonna go on an adventure!
- Bianca leaves -
~At Juniper's Lab~
Juniper: Hello All, I am gonna give you these Pokedex's.
Everyone: YAY!
Juniper: I'm gonna show you how to catch Pokemon, Please Meet Me On Route 3.
Everyone: OK!


Thanks For Reading~Danni
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