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That one girl up the street

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That one girl up the street Empty That one girl up the street

Post by AnnalisePurrfect Fri Nov 25, 2011 6:41 pm

It was a cold Monday morning.. as usual. There was slight drops of snow falling from the sky, but not bad enough to miss school. I woke up to the sound of my dog scratching his behind on my carpet. I didn't re-act at first but then I did.

"EW! SAGE STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!" I hollered. He then had a puzzled look, like he was saying.. "I do this all the time." Which he did.. but in my brothers room. I looked at the clock to find it was 6:30. I sighed. "School.. how fun. Not." I said before getting my clothes out for school.

I wore a bright pink shirt from Hollister and some skinny jeans with my black ballet flats, this was my favorite outfit. I tugged at my jacket that was hanging on the edge of my head board. The jacket was matching too, of course. I ran downstairs to find my mom making pancakes. "Hi Honey bunches!" My mom shouted. "Hi mom.. why are you in such a good mood?" I question. "Oh baby, the weekend is over. Now all the parents can party while their kids are off at school!" My mom said as she danced. I began to eat fastly, because I didn't want to see more of this. Once I finished I bursted out the door before my mom could say a simple 'Bye.'

There was this.. strange girl.. her name was Ralf. I'm serious. Its Ralf. She always got made fun of because of her name.. and everything about her. She was sort of creepy. The kids at school would stare at her while she would pick her nose then wipe it on her dress that she wore with striped tights. I kinda just stayed as far away from her as I could. But sadly, she lives right up the street from me, So we always see each other at the bus stop. Anyways, I was minding my own buisness when she jumped on my back and shouted "GOOD MORNING, ANNABELLA!" Of course I went in rage mode and punched her in the stomache which made her fall to the side walk. "Oh.. um.. good morning?" She moaned in pain as I said my words.

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