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A walk in the park

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A walk in the park Empty A walk in the park

Post by ItalianPrincess Mon Jun 27, 2011 9:33 am

A walk in the Park by ItalianPrincess

I Walk by my self see beautiful flowers the ones I love and make a smile grown on my face while I stop and smell the beautiful aroma it makes me wonder why does it smell so devined?

I see the sky how blue and bright it is and wonder if I flyed would I see it from a more beautiful way or a different and more beautiful side? I love that cold little breath of wind sprends apart my hair from my face.

I see waterfall a little one it under a bridge that apart from the other side and I wonder if I fall in the water could it be cold? warm? who would get me? is it deep?

A pack of flowers of all different kinds one bunch red on pink one purple one yellow all in a beautiful bunch a butterfly spots me like I am a bright yellow flower that stands out from all the others it lands on me I try to touch it. it lets me I walk along with it. when it's done trying to understand me it flys away wings opem flap flap flap it goes into this big apple tree i sit and wonder why do butterflys fly? is it just because of there name? do they have a mom or dad to go to after they had there nector?

I understand how trees grow and how the grass grows and hope one day I will answer all these questions I have but this all happens in a park. park walks

Quiet is the sounds I hear only one thing keeps me from not falling a sleep on this warm comfy grass is that little birds churp. I only hear soft sound of water flow out throw this whole park I know this is a happy day when you see butterflys and birds and flowers and sun shine and only one person and only one cat is in this park with all this nature among us. Beautiful park of nature

The love in this park is like nothing you ever felt before it feels warm inside and you feel weak because of how you are dreaming and how you are sleeping and how your just hear these sounds of love only. that is the love of this park

The only thing that you can get in a beautiful park is Happneiss and Love and sleep and comfyness and time with you and the nature among you.

All this is when you walk in a park
Friendly Bear
Friendly Bear

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A walk in the park Empty Re: A walk in the park

Post by AleciaAutumn10 Wed Jul 06, 2011 11:25 pm

You have a nice way with words.

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