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Roleplay FAQ - Drop your questions here! Empty Roleplay FAQ - Drop your questions here!

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 12, 2011 4:07 pm

What is roleplay?
Roleplay is where you create a character, put them in a plot, and write a story as you go.

How many characters can I have in each roleplay?
For a roleplay newbie, we suggest a max of 4 characters. If you are an experienced RPer, you may create a max of 10.

What is godmoding?
Godmoding is when your character is "invincible". They're unbeatable. Your character is flawless and beautiful, and they are powerful enough to beat even the worst enemy. It's not a good thing.

What is powerplaying?
Powerplaying is when you control a character that is not your own. Here's an example:
RPer 1: John sat on the grass, legs crossed, thinking.
RPer 2: Jane sat next to John. "What do you want?" John snapped.
"Do you have an idea yet?" Jane asked.
"No." John said as he got up to leave.
RPer 2 controlled RPer 1's character. That's called powerplaying. Mayber RPer 1 didn't want John to leave, maybe John was to discover a power at that place?

I want to talk on my board, but don't want people thinking it's my character talking.
This is called talking out of character. The most common uses are ((this)) and putting ooc: before your sentence, and bic: or back in character when you're done.

Can I make my character have a romantic relationship?

Can my characters fight?
They can get into an argument. Wolves can get into fights, as long as it's not graphic. Other than that, no violence is allowed.

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Roleplay FAQ - Drop your questions here! Empty Re: Roleplay FAQ - Drop your questions here!

Post by Bear on Tue Jul 05, 2011 5:32 am

What happens if I want to end my roleplay?
Only the person who made the roleplay can do this, or if the story is drawing to a close. Please kindly put in the title of the roleplay, "Please Lock", or something in the means of this so an officer can spot the roleplay and lock it.

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