Special Graphic Shops *NOW OPEN!*

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Special Graphic Shops *NOW OPEN!* Empty Special Graphic Shops *NOW OPEN!*

Post by haileybighugs2 on Sun Jan 16, 2011 1:59 am

**I have Chief Officers’ order to post this.
1. All BGF rules and guidelines apply.
2. Always bear in mind, not everyone can request from you.
3. Keep in mind, if you request from someone, you must be patient. Everyone has their own schedule.
4. Don’t promote your shop in someone else’s topic.

This is a new addition to the Graphics Guru! Here, BGF users can make a specially made graphic for you!
Whether its celebrity blends, stamps, or color changing names – you can request (or create) one here!
To create for other users:
Please make a new topic for your 'shops'
Title: “Hailey’s Celebrity Blends”
Special Graphic Shops *NOW OPEN!* Debbyr11
Special Graphic Shops *NOW OPEN!* Katy_p11
****For your own topic, please make your own format based on what information you need.
Please request with this format:
BABV Username:
To request from other users:
Please follow the author’s format that they posted. If they did not post one, ask for it. Keep in mind that everyone has their own schedule.
That’s all there is to it! Please make sure you don’t just put in your title “Avies” or siggys” Like in my example, please name a specific type of graphic (blends, stamps, collage, etc.)
Thanks and have fun!
Forum Assist/Graphic Artist

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