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Check How Many Pawprints You Have Lost Empty Check How Many Pawprints You Have Lost

Post by HamptonBear on Thu Jun 04, 2009 5:55 pm

Tracking your Paw Prints

I am posting this in the hope that it will allow our members to better understand how many paw prints they have left to bid.

Since we cannot physically remove your paw prints, we have to subtract what you have bid in the past from your current total.

Please remember that even if you do not win the auction, the paw prints you bid are still counted and cannot be used again.

For example:

Johndoe has 3568 Paw Prints (bids)

He lost 1598 bids in the last auction. So he would subtract 1598 from 3568 leaving him with 1970 bids left.

Here is a list of the amount of paw prints members have lost. If your name is not on here then you currently have all your paw prints remaining. If your name is on here you will need to subtract the amount next to your name in order to figure out how many paw prints you have left to bid.

kathybearycool 875

JoyPawsome1 2509

maddydecember5 2580

amandasweet98 840

cutiekid23 822

KelseyHuggable17 1002

TyPlayful2 749

sunshinesummer7 735

alisonvanilla2 1444

Jaszluvsbabv 73

Heidisunshine 40

Nikkibubbles40 15

Fleur 500

ajrockstar326 411

Tsunade97 355

simplymade 31

CameronYouRock43 300

love.peace23 35

jenniferyourock41 1363

cutey100lind 700

ashleyzerobear44 1884

Carlyallheart261 926

amandasweet98 1297

evanbuddy16 608

fufu118 23

ShayeButterfly 336

beth928 230

precioussweet11 970

winter 868

katiesweet10 761

GreenEarthGirl123 400

cyrus2hip594 20

zoeybearsrule200 2029

sammibubbles3 240

tweetysweety11 965

ajbuddy1590 805

JeannaBearFun 1981

bellabingo 231

sammymc 355

Mimi300 1405

NadineFriendsRule 1400

Cranberry 1325

Moonlight 1373

summerangel 1120

animalbop 1034

TestNoodles 642

HeatherHeart98 450

Mandypurple2 256

violins4eva 110

maggiebee88 373

BriannaBallet 360

Chocolatelvr 300

HeatherHeart 173

Sweeti_ 145

susanvanilla3 130

muffinatomatic 40
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