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Open Club Membership Rules and Guidelines

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Open Club Membership Rules and Guidelines Empty Open Club Membership Rules and Guidelines

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 14, 2009 10:06 am

Open Club Membership Rules and Guidelines:

Starting a club:
1. You can only open 1 club.

2. The Club House is NOT a place for any solicitations.

3. Limit your club to what is in the BGF Club House Available Categories. Fan clubs for Open Memberships are not allowed.

4. Keep your club safe and kid-friendly.

5. To open a club, create a new topic using the name of your club as the subject headline. You cannot write anything else in the subject headline. For the topic message, follow this format as shown in the image below:

Open Club Membership Rules and Guidelines ScreenShot851

6. Make sure to define your club by giving simple rules and guidelines.

7. Club events are limited to parties, walks and volunteer projects only. Club leaders for Open Memberships are not allowed to host contests and games. We have a separate sections for those.

*NOTE: ONLY Private Clubs have the privilege to run contests and hosts games for their members.

8. Always update your thread for club updates, schedule of meetings, and events.

9. You may show a list of your members, however this is optional. Make sure to update your memberlist by adding new members and striking out those who quit.

10. If the club leader is no longer able to manage the club, he should delegate his position to another member he chooses. He should be able to announce this in the thread, under Club Updates.

11. If the club leader wishes to lock or close his club down, he should inform any officer and they will lock the thread for you.

Joining a club:
1. There is no limit to the number of clubs you want to join.

2. Reply to the thread of the club you wish to join by expressing your intent to join the club.

3. Respect each club's rules and guidelines.

4. Make sure to attend club meetings and events and always support your club leader.

5. Be nice and friendly to your fellow members.

6. You may quit the club by informing the Club Leader via PM.

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