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HHB Mascot Contest!

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HHB Mascot Contest! Empty HHB Mascot Contest!

Post by addictiverachel on Sat Jan 31, 2009 12:53 pm

So its pretty safe to assume that the Helpful Honey Bee mascot is indeed a bee. However i think our mascot needs a back story!

Contest timeline: January 30th to February 9th.

What to do: Write a short story 1000 words or less about our mascot.
What is His/Her Name
What does our mascot like to do?
How did they become our mascot?
How does she influence you?

**Bonus: You may draw a photo of her. Draw it with Pen or paper or with a paint program**

The member is the most creative story and picture will win one Random PSI and 5 Credit Items of their choice!
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HHB Mascot Contest! Empty Re: HHB Mascot Contest!

Post by mimipinky3 on Sun Feb 01, 2009 5:27 am

As you all know, our dear friend, Honey Sting, is the mascot for the Helpful Honey Bees. But maybe you dont know more about her? Im here to help.
Outside of the club, Honey still enjoys helping everyone she can! No matter how she does it, she always brings a smile to people's faces! She also loves to play soccer and stay active! When she gets tired, she takes a nice rest in her hive, full of her favorite thing ever: Honey!! Like her other bee friends, she has a stinger that she likes to keep presentable. But no worries! She has never used it, nor does she intend to!
Becoming our mascot was not something Honey had expected. addictiverachel had searched everywhere for the perfect mascot, but none really seemed to fit. One day, she was walking in Town Square. A little bear had lost his human! She watched as a bee picked up the bear, and made him smile and laugh while she found his human. After the bear had been reunited, she decided to talk to the bee. Turns out it was Honey! After talking to Honey for a few short moments, Rachel knew this was our perfect mascot.
We should all be very proud to have Honey here for us. If we follow in her footsteps, we could really make a difference in Build-A-Bearville. So let's get out there and join Honey in helping everyone!
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HHB Mascot Contest! Empty Re: HHB Mascot Contest!

Post by sunshinesummer7 on Sun Feb 01, 2009 10:27 am

As everyone knows about the Heartful of Helpful Bee, for the Helpful Honey Bees. But probably you don't know much about her.

Our mascot likes to help people in babv, and even here on our club. Her heart loves helping people in any way possible, even if it is just a little thing she loves to help. She deceided to become our mascot because of all the things she done to help people that needed help. She influences me because of everything she done for everyone and that is a truly helpful bee.

I am proud of her to be our mascot because of everything she done here. Everything that happens with her. She is a truly mascot.
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HHB Mascot Contest! Empty Re: HHB Mascot Contest!

Post by zoeybear1212 on Sun Feb 01, 2009 10:57 am

HHB Mascot Contest! Untitl16"Hello I'm Martha Chang,we are here with Buzzy the Helpful HoneyBee's dedicated mascot."Martha Chang greeted the "Today"watchers.Her attire was a timberwolf gray pencil skirt,a vanilla white shirt that was exteriored with a dolphin gray woolen jacket.Her shoes were high heels from Gucci,and they were a midnight black on the covering but creamy beige leather on the inside.Her dark brown hair was open and as wavy as the oceans waves.
"It's great to be here!"I excalimed.I was wearing my costume that was bright yellow and black stripes on the turtle-necked full sleeved top,my shoes were my converse,my blonde hair was in a bun with a hat laying on it,and my pants were dandelion yellow with my peach stinger included.Martha's green eyes glanced over at me and I knew it was time for my interveiw.
"How does it feel being a mascot for the Helpful Honeybees?"
"I love to please my fans and I really love to be helpful!"
"How did you become mascot?"
"I signed up and addictiverachel was so sweet to me!"
"I heard some buzz.Is it true you changed your outfit because you got a letter that said that the person didn't like it."
It was true.I had got a letter saying they didn't like my style.It read:

Dear Buzzy,
I don't like your outfit.I mean seriously.I know your fans will hate you if you didn't change.

"Yes Martha it was true.But I think that I would have changed one day or another"
"Well.Hmm.Anyways,moving on.What made you become a helpful honeybee?"
"Well,addictiverachel sent out the news and I joined right away!I did this because I thought it was fantastic idea to make such a club!"
"Very inspiring!Buzzy has influenced us all to make a diffrence.She has done this by being a dedicated mascot for 4 years straight!The main thing about this is that she has made many children more helpful and kind!"Martha said.I blinked my blue eyes a couple of times, and I could fell a bit of sweat trickling down my tan face because of how nervous I was.She asked me a heart crushing question about my outfit.
"Moving on!What is your favorite food?"
"What do you like to do?"
"Read,and help others!"
"Wow!Look at how lovely she is!This is Martha Chang signing out."
"Bye everyone!"I smiled and waved.I went to sign the autographs of kids everywhere who loved me.Buzzy.Me.Me,I was Buzzy the Helpful Honeybee's mascot and I couldn't have a job better than that.

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HHB Mascot Contest! Empty Re: HHB Mascot Contest!

Post by Chocolatelvr on Mon Feb 02, 2009 5:07 am

One day I was walking, and I ran into Sweety! The HHB mascot!
So, we decided to sit down and get some honey from The Coffee Shop.
I wanted to ask her a few questions and she said only if they were quick, because as soon as she got her honey, she needed to buzz out of here!

So Sweety told me what she loved to do during her free time.
Sweety loves to go and play with little cubs. She loves to hunt for honey with them and give them a hand. Also, she loves to just fly around and see her good old friends.
Sweety's favorite game to play in BABV is Balloon Toss. Because she loves to play with her friends at the beach. So if she plays Bear-2-Bear Balloon Toss, she can enjoy the beach and her fellow friends at the same time.
Sweety's favorite color is Pink and Red. You would think yellow or black, but no, Sweety likes Pink and Red. She told us because she was named Sweety since she loves honey and it's sweet. But also, because she is very sweet and her favorite holiday is Valentine's Day.
So she loves the colors of hugs, kisses, and hearts.
In the meantime, Sweety is in her cub condo decorating.
Every week, Sweety spends Wednesdays re-modeling her cub condo. She always loves to be in style. If she's not decorating, she's partying. She invites all of her friends over for a nice dance and sleepover. If she ever haves a sleepover, Sweety is prepared.
Nothing like a good sleepover is better to Sweety!

I also then asked Sweety how she became mascot of HHB. She told me:
"I was just walking one day and I saw a girl named RachelFurfect7. She said that I was a bee, right?"
"I nodded in agreement and she asked me to sign a form. It said: BABV Username: Easy, Sweety BGF Username: That is where I paused. What is BGF? I asked Rachel. She told me it was Bearville Guide Forums, a pawsome forum about BABV! She told me to take a look at it and I did. When I came back to the form, she told me not to fill BGF username just yet.
I went to Why Would you like to be HHB Mascot? I put: Because I'm a bee, I love honey, and I would like to try this out! The HHB club sounds fun! Then, why should we make you the HHB mascot? I put: Because HHB sounds fun and I'd love to be a mascot for something new! Besides being a mascot for myself.
Then she told me in BGF Username, put: HHB Mascot. I put it down and seemed confused. Then I realized that I had become The HHB Mascot! Rachel had exactly said: Sweety, you sound like the perfect Helpful Honey Bee for us HHBs, and we decided that you should be our mascot! I remember this moment like yesterday. It was big."

Then, Sweety needed to Buzz out of here. I told her Bye! And she flew away.....
I wanted to make some notes about Sweety. But I didn't know what kind of notes.
That's when I decided I should write how Sweety influe
I wrote:
"Sweety is a kind bee. She always is helping out and being sweet.
She influences me by showing her kindness and respect. She also shows me how I can be helpful and great too.

*Picture coming soon!*
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HHB Mascot Contest! Empty Re: HHB Mascot Contest!

Post by Sarz on Tue Feb 03, 2009 8:28 am

I was walking along the street from the Neighborhood to Town Square when I saw Beebee for the first time.
It struck me as odd when I saw a giant bumblebee comforting a crying girl.
Once the crying girl got control over herself, the bee whispered something to her, and the girl smiled and skipped away towards the Sportsplex.
I went up to her and asked who she was. She said
"My name is Elizabeth Honey. But you can call me Beebee!"
I decided to go for a walk around BABV with my new friend. Every now and then we would stop and she would tell me of things she liked to do there,
"Oooooh! I love the Pawforming Arts Center! Ever since I was a little bee, I always to star on broadway!
"Hey! It's Pawlette's! I'm a total shopaholic!"
"let's stop for a honey coffee at the Coffee Shop! Those are so good."

We got to the Coffee Shop and she told me that she was the new mascot for the Helpful Honey Bees!
I asked, "How did you become the mascot?" and she replied
"One day, when I was a little bee, I was crying on the side of the road because I had lost my favourite bunny bear. When all of a sudden, a lady named RachelFurfect7 came up to me and asked if I was all right. I told her my problem and then she whispered something in my ear that made my day all better! So ever since that day, I‘ve been the most helpful bee possible! Then the other day, I got a BearMail. It was Rachel asking me if I could be the new mascot for her club, the Helpful Honeybees! So of course I accepted.”
“That’s so pawsome! So I’ll guess I’ll be – wait! What did she say to you that made you feel all better?”
“ ’She said to me ‘Don’t worry! It’ll get better! And if it doesn’t you always have me to be your friend!’ ”
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HHB Mascot Contest! Empty Re: HHB Mascot Contest!

Post by mandypurple2 on Tue Feb 03, 2009 8:50 am

One gloomy day, This day wasnt gloomy because of rain. It was because Helpful Honey Bee, Bee (yes this was indeed her name) had yet to be discovered. Now Bee was just your normal honey bee but she was quite helpful to those around her! Now bee saw how the town was falling apart because there was no one other then Bee to be helpful. Bee thought and Thought. The town really needed some more bee's like Bee who really liked to improve the lives of others.
One Day when bee was just sitting in her hive, Someone knocked on the hive door.
"Who could this be?" Bee wondered outloud.
She flew to the door and gently twisted the knob.
All the sudden Bee was being hugged.
"Oh Bee your my romodel!" A younger Bee Name Hannie screeched!
" Your a great romodel to me and my younger sister! When we grow up we want to be as helpful as you!" She added
"Awww Thanks so much, Hannie!" Bee thanked.
"You're such a great romodel that I've elected you to be the mascot of the HHB's Club!"
Bees Mouthed Dropped lower then she was flying. She flew down and grabbed the bottom of her mouth.
" And They've chosen you Bee, Isnt that amazing!" The small be added.
Bee knew that she would have to be Helful to keep her reputation up like this. But She had Faith one key quality the a HHB Mascot had to have. She knew she could do it!
And thats how it came about, Bee has been HHB mascot for about two weeks now and still keeping it up!
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HHB Mascot Contest! Empty Re: HHB Mascot Contest!

Post by CBfan279 on Tue Feb 03, 2009 9:47 am

Huney the Bee flew above all of the building, looking for someone to help. She saw a little boy struggling to pull bags across the street of Bear Boulevard.

She flew down and pulled the bags across for him. Huney loved helping people! Other than doing that she liked being with friends. And did I mention she was the mascot for the Helpful Honey Bees? Well she just jumped at the opportunity to be it! She thought she could double the helping she does! And she did!

Huney always wore a yellow and black striped dress. And a beautiful shiny necklace with a picture of a bee on it and the letters: HHB! Which of course stands for Helpful Honey Bees. Also, a large tiara with the same thing.

Huney helps everyone and anyone she can which is everybody! Even if they don’t need it. She donates to everyone less fortunate then her. And tries to spread the help to everyone in Build-a-Bearville! She is a real role-model! Huney also joined Helpful Honey Bees to spread the help even more than before. That means everyone at Bearville Guide Forums. And that means more than 5000 people! A lot of helping to do!

So lets all follow in Huney’s footsteps! Helping everyone! Which means help to help everyone!

And help make Build-a-Bearville a Better place!
HHB Mascot Contest! Huney10
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HHB Mascot Contest! Empty Re: HHB Mascot Contest!

Post by addictiverachel on Wed Feb 11, 2009 1:30 pm

Thank you all for entering! I am sorry i am late on this, i iwll look over entries tonight and make a decision HHB Mascot Contest! 465488
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HHB Mascot Contest! Empty Re: HHB Mascot Contest!

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