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Sports Quest.

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Sports Quest. Empty Sports Quest.

Post by mandymagnificent Tue Jan 20, 2009 12:46 pm

You'll find it a the Skate Park!

Sports Quest. Sports10

To get to this score, you need to play at least 3 levels!
Or 2 and a half if you want to get more specific about it ^^

Sports Quest. Rule210
Find a friend to play this game with you!
Remembear, the closer you are to a home run, the easier it is to get 1500 pints! Try not to get foul balls.
After all you have 10 tries. Meaning, get at least a minimum of 150 points per try!

Sports Quest. 311
You have ten tries for this game.
A good tip? Try filling that cool-o-meter quickly to get better points!

And here's what you get when you complete the challenges!
Sports Quest. Prize12

Trivia: Did you know that the trophy used to be gold? But the Bearville bigwigs thought that silver/platinum was a much cooler color! I agree!
Manager Bear
Manager Bear

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