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Post by Admin on Thu Jan 08, 2009 6:43 am

The Auction House!

Before anything else, we would like to remind everyone that the Auction House is a special area for qualified members of Bearville Guide Forums. There is absolutely no real cash, no codes, credits and no bearbills involved.

Your ticket to bid is your number of Paw Prints.

Paw Prints is a cumulative point system where the following will be calculated:

- Your number of posts
- Your number of topics created
- Your reputation points
- Your registration date
- Your number of Visitor Messages
This section is strictly for bidding. Unrelated posts will be erased.

Rules and Guidelines:
1. Each qualified member can enter the Auction House and bid for the special items. To qualify, you must be an active member for atleast a month with a total of 300 valid posts.

2. You will make your bid using the number of pawprints you have here on BGF

3. This is a timed auction. When the special item is open for bidding, you must reach the bid goal to unlock the items and race against other members to win the items. If the bid goal is not reached, the item will be forfeited.

4. The Bidders do not have to waste their bids or number of paw prints in one particular Auction event. They have the option to stop and save their number of pawprints for the next auctioned item. The more valid posts you make, the farther you will go with the bidding!

5. The auction item will be transferred to the winning bidder via trade on a scheduled date, place and time. No payment will be given for the item. Technically, the winning bidder gets the auctioned item for FREE!

6. The winning bidder must claim the item within 24 hours. If unlcaimed, the item goes to the 2nd highest bidder.

7. If the qualified member does not log in for 15 days, he will lose his Key to the Auction House.

8. If you encounter any problems with other players brought about by this section, let an officer know right away!

9. The officers reserve the right to delete/modify and or disable your access to the Auction House based on our Rules and Guidelines, without prior notice.

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