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Tobias' Day at the Bearville Zoo

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Tobias' Day at the Bearville Zoo Empty Tobias' Day at the Bearville Zoo

Post by AmyNovembear1 on Tue Dec 27, 2011 12:48 pm

One morning, Tobias woke up early. Today, he was going to spend a day at the Bearville Zoo! Amy was downstairs, waiting for him. Tobias put on his favourite green ball cap and tied his shoes, then hurried downstairs.

"Come on, Tobias! We don't want to miss the ferry!" Amy held open her backpack, and Tobias hopped into it, and soon they were on their way!

The ferry ride was fun. The sea breeze felt refreshing. It seemed only a short time before the ferry was pulling into the dock of the zoo. They had arrived!

Amy looked at the map. "We'll go to Bearrific Bluffs first," she decided, studying the map. "There's so many neat animals we can see there. Come on, Tobias!"

Amy was right. There were some pawsome animals to see at Bearrific Bluffs. There were pandas, and porcupines, and even a bald eagle! Tobias looked around at all these incredible animals. They moved on to see animals from the tropical rainforests, and animals from the African plains. The entire day was incredible!

At last, Amy and Tobias came to the aquarium, where they would finish their day of exploring the many exibits at the zoo. Before they both knew it, it was time to go back home.

They took the ferry back to Bearville, talking all the time about all those lovely animals. "We must work together to ensure that these animals will continue to thrive in the wild," Amy said quietly, looking out at the sparkling sea. "It's nice to know there are some in the zoo that we can see, but I hope there will be a better future for them in the wild, too."

Back at home, Tobias ate his honey and apples, and went to his room, crawled into his cosy bed, and, with visions of wild animals running free in his mind, drifted off to sleep.

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