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Creating a Good Roleplay Character Empty Creating a Good Roleplay Character

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 12, 2011 4:13 pm

Creating a Good Roleplay Character
By CheerBear43

You've explored the roleplay section and found some really cool roleplays you want to join. But first, you need a character. You need an awesome character that's not like any other. This guide will help you in filling out a character creation form so that it's the best it can be.

Section One: The Name

Your characters name is probably the most important part of your character. It's the identifier. It's what people will use all the time, so it's important that you find one that fits.
Let's say a character's name was Mary. You would assume for her to be very motherly. What if a character was named Nichole, or Astrid? You would have different opinions on the character based on the name.
A tip for finding a great character name is choosing a name based on its meaning. If you have a very down to earth, nature-loving character, why not choose a name that means flower? If your characters very brave, why not use a name that means brave, like Evera or Leonard?

Section Two: Appearance

Which one of these helps you see the character better?
Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful.
Appearance: Light blonde hair, almost white, that falls an inch past her shoulders. Her hair is usually up in a ponytail. Her eyes are a very dark blue, and large. Her skin is like porcelain. She has a few light freckles on her cheeks, that you can only see if you are standing face-to-face. Her eyebrows are very thin, almost unnoticeable. She is very short, and has a pixie-like stature.
In the first one, we don't know what this character is like at all. Is her hair light, dark, long or short? How does she wear her hair? Are her eyes light or dark, big or small? How exactly is she beautiful? Everyone's opinion on beautiful differs. Be sure to explain how.
Here's your appearance checklist:
√ Hair- Colour, length, style
√ Eyes- Colour, size. Are your character eyes really a "window to their soul"?
√ Clothing- Are there any specific clothing traits of your character? Do they only wear a specific brand, or always wear a certain article of clothing, such as a necklace or ring?
√ Height- Are they short or tall? Very tall, very short? Or just in-between?
√ Identifying Traits- Does your character have a special birthmark?

Section Three: Personality

Personality can be hard to come up with. But the most important thing is to give your character a flaw. Flaws are important in making your character three dimensional, and bringing them to life. Nobody likes a perfect Mary Sue, do they?
One easy thing to do is to base a character off of yourself. Give them a few of your traits, and come up with a flaw.
But here's the thing, a flaw like being clumsy doesn't work. That flaw is generic. Maybe your character does not like trying new things, and always tries to convince the other character's not to do certain things? Maybe your character's shy? Is hot-tempered, or arrogant?
Quirks are also a good thing to add to your character to bring him or her to life. Maybe she plays with her hair when nervous, and maybe he twiddles his thumbs when he's anxious?
Does your character have any fears? Mention them.
The more you can come up with, the better.

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