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Just Ask me!

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Just Ask me! Empty Just Ask me!

Post by aga13 Sat Aug 21, 2010 1:20 pm

Hi! I'm aga13 or in BABV I'm known as AlexAngel3131. If You have any questions just ask me and I will answer them ASAP. Here are just the basic stuff you need to know and some tips:

To bring a bear to BABV you need to talk to Bearemy.
Bearemy is in town square in front of the Build- a-Bear workshop. He'll tell and show you how to do it. But basically you go inside the build-a-bear shop and talk to the clerk. He'll ask you what you want to do today. Click on Bring Furry Friends to life online. Then click either the birth certificate or welcome pass, which everone yoyu have, and type in the codes. Then you'll see your furry friend!

Now about the awesome condo you get!
To go to your condo click on the botton that looks like a house on your top right corner. Then click my cub condo and viola your at you're very own cub condo. If you go to the stairs you'll see that your furry friend has their own room. To take care of your furry friend you must have the following.
-A nice cozy bed
-And a bathtub
You can purchase these items at the Bear Stuff store which is also in Town Square. If you click on your bear while your in the same room with the two items then you will see a pictue of an apple, toothbrush, and zzz's click on anyof them and you can see your bear take a bath, eat , and sleep.

There are a few jobs you can get at BABV. One is at the Coffee Shop where you go through training to become a waiter/waitress. The there are some jobs at the Bearywood Mall. These are pretty easy jobs and if you work hard enough you can make manager.

Your PDA
There are lots of gadgets on there so I'll show you what they are there for.
Messages-To recieve and send messages to your friends(duh)
Bearville times-To see what's going on in BABV
Badges- You can earn badges by playing sertain games
High Score- To see who rockin the best score on some of the games.
Quests- To make sure you stay on track with your quests.
Options- For graphics, restictions and managing your account.
Furry Friends- To see all your happy furry friends!
Levels-To see what you have to do to become manager.

TIP: Dont go crazy and spend all of your money, keep saving and playing games!

Ok well that's all for now. If you have any questions just comment an I'll get to them ASAP like I said. I usually hang out in Honey Bee because its not crazy packed and I love the showthe Mighty Bee! LOL! This is aga13 aka AlexAngel3131 signing off!

For news about whats going on at BABV go to The Bear Corner. It's located under the What's new in Bearville tab and in News from members.
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Just Ask me! Empty Re: Just Ask me!

Post by NikkiAngel877 Fri Sep 24, 2010 9:02 am

Thanks! i will always look to you for help!
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