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2 weird EERIE Indiana- Return To ForeverWare

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2 weird EERIE Indiana- Return To ForeverWare Empty 2 weird EERIE Indiana- Return To ForeverWare

Post by valeriaallheart Mon Apr 19, 2010 5:41 am

Marshal Teller and Simon Holmes have a summer job as strange as the town they live in. They're cleaning up the basement and attic at the stewarts house and theres something weird about they're employers. They were clothes from twenty years ago, listen to old music, eat food the boys never ever heard of. Back then, Mrs. Stewart was a foreverware representitive- she sold creepy containers that can keep anything fresh, forever. What has mrs.stewart been storing in her foreverware for the past twenty years? and why is she looking at Simon like he might be the next visitor to her Fereverware room- permanetely? (Discription from book.)
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