Member Contests Rules and Guidelines - NEW!

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Member Contests Rules and Guidelines - NEW! Empty Member Contests Rules and Guidelines - NEW!

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 27, 2010 6:57 am

This is a section where you can sponsor your own contests! Read the rules below:

Rules and Guidelines

1. This section is open to all Bearville Guide members.

2. These contests should only held in (2) venues:

Bearville Guide Forums (Board contest and games)

There are no registration fees.

3. If you want to host a contest, send an email to with the following info:

Subject: CONTEST

- Contest title
- Contest period (limited to one (1) week only)
- Mechanics
- Prizes (Prizes are limited to virtual items in Build-A-Bearville, avatars and/or siggys and Paw Prints in Bearville Guide.)

*Paw Prints will be taken from the member who sponsors the contest.

4. We will review all contest proposals and will PM or email the member (if the member's PM status is restricted). Member must give the prize to the Contest Manager via trade, PM or email. Upon receiving the prize, the member can open her contest by means of posting on this section.

5. Contests hosted by members may run simultaneously with a maximum of 3 contests held per week.

6. When the contest period ends, the Contest Manager will reply to the thread saying that the contest is over. The host picks the winners and may ask for assistance from the officers or his friends. However, the final announcement of winners should come from the host. The host will then make the final post in the contest thread.

7. Prizes will be handed over to the winners by the Contest Manager (CollinPink).

Questions? You may PM me. Or send an email to with the subject, "Question".

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