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Rules and Guidelines

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Rules and Guidelines Empty Rules and Guidelines

Post by Admin Sat Jan 17, 2009 4:41 pm

Revised as of March 26th.

Welcome to the Graffiti Wall - where you express yourself through visual arts! Art was one of my favorite subjects in school. What about you? I may not be as good, but I love looking at artworks, especially from the renaissance era. If you are a talented artist and a lover of art - like me - then this section will be your favorite hangout!

Share your art in various media - sketch, charcoal, watercolor, oil paint, crayons, pastel, even graphic art. Make sure to SIGN OR LABEL YOUR ARTWORK for authenticity. Take a photo and show it off here! We are all dying to see the artist in you!

Please follow these basic rules and guidelines:

1. The Board Rules and Regulations apply.

2. Let's keep our work safe and kid-friendly.

3. Write your name anywhere in your art work that is viewable before taking a photo. It is important to sign your art to make sure it's yours. Artworks that are not signed will be taken out and will only be placed for public display.

4. Take a photo of your art and upload it here or in any other photo hosting sites like photobucket.

5. When posting your art, include a title on the subject heading and make sure to write a brief description so viewers can understand. DO NOT POST THE HTML CODE.

6. Only one art work per thread is allowed. However, there is no limit to the number of art works you want to share. Just make sure to open a new topic for your next art work.

7. This is not all about Build-A-Bearville. You may draw your online character and furry friends, your cub condo in BABV, but you may also show different types of art about different subject matters.

8. Members may and are encouraged to comment on the art works, but always be sensitive of the artist's feelings.

9. Requests for avatars and siggys are NOT ALLOWED here. There is a special section where you can ask our Graphic Artist Staff to do an avatar or signature for you. Members are also not allowed to request art from anyone other than a Graphic Artist. Also, sending private messages to other members for siggys and avatars is strictly prohibited.

10. Members cannot post siggy's and avatars dedicated to other members. You may give Admin, the Site Owner, and the Officers siggy's and/or an avatars, but this should not be posted here. There is a special section made for that purpose.

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